New Culture Northwest

Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Our Vision

New Culture Northwest envisions a vibrant world full of interconnected communities, ecological vitality, and cultural diversity all grounded in an ethos of love – a world where human connection and belonging is nourished by intimate relationships within community and in fellowship with the “Community of Life.”

From this alignment with the natural cycles of Life flows abundance, and communities live together in both sovereignty and interdependence. Within this circle of community life, we celebrate personal responsibility, creativity, and the exploration of human potential and we cultivate collaboration in partnership and mentorship. We honor and respect the generative powers of Nature, including the natural forces that move deep within each of us. We harness our erotic potential to co-create and celebrate a life-affirming culture rich with pleasure, integrity, deep intimacy and joy—a culture based in a passionate love for all creation and a desire to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

New Culture Northwest envisions a network of ecologically regenerative communities, based in mutual respect and loving support for each other. This network of thriving communities will expand until we all free ourselves from socioeconomic governments founded on fear, violence and coercion. These communities will embody a New Culture grounded in conscious love, integrity and consent.

New Culture Northwest comes together to bring this vision to life in the Cascadia Bioregion: hosting immersive experiences that provide spaces to explore and practice personal and cultural evolution; sharing the vision and wisdom of a New Culture on Earth through trainings, presentations, conferences, gatherings, writings and other creative works; encouraging communities of support, connection and co-creation in our everyday lives; and collaborating with other organizations and communities who are aligned with this vision, including other New Culture organizations and local, regional and international intentional communities.

Our Mission

To participate in creating a world of abundance and peace by healing relationships with love, sexuality, intimacy, and the human connection with the biosphere, beginning in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Values

Love: We strive to embody love in every aspect of our being.

We embrace the transformative power of love, eros and intimacy in our lives. We extend ourselves towards the personal growth of ourselves and each other, and the regeneration of the Earth. We are creating space to explore the depths of human connection and to experience the healing power of love within and across social divides. We support the flourishing of love, sexuality and intimacy in our world.

Essential Practices of Love:
* Trust * Respect * Care & Compassion * Transparency * Knowledge (Application of Experience) * Commitment (To Self and Other) * Responsibility * Curiosity * Connection(s) * Contact * Grace * Affection *

Sovereignty: We embrace our personal power and responsibility to choose and shape our individual and collective experiences.

We honor the sovereignty of each individual. We believe strongly in the power of personal experience and the importance of personal responsibility to lay the foundation for consent and choice. We support each other in reclaiming personal authority over our body, emotions, time and energy and in expressing our authentic selves. We acknowledge that while we may choose to come together in collaboration, we still retain radical responsibility and personal choice in co-creating the agreements and experiences that we share.

Essential Practices of Sovereignty
* Personal Leadership & Responsibility * Choice * Humility * Competence * Exploration * Integrity * Skill-Building *

Community: We come together to co-create what we cannot create alone.

We believe community has the power to strengthen the individual, to heal wounds of separation, and to transform our relationship with the Earth. As members of a community, we strive to understand how our choices impact others, to engage in relationships of reciprocity and to give back to the community as a whole. We balance community cohesion and resilience with personal needs and desires. We honor and explore shared power, earned authority and the limitations of communal efforts.

Essential Practices of Community
* Love * Authenticity * Inclusivity * Communication * Relationship-building * Integrity * Reciprocity * Leadership * Collaboration * Mutual Respect * Mentorship *

Ecology: We are Nature and we seek to create a regenerative relationship with our environment.

We are interwoven into the web of Life and seek deep, personal contact with the natural ecology we inhabit – the ground we walk, the waters we drink, the sun and soil that grow our food, the fields and forests that generate the air we breathe. We extend our love, care and respect toward the Earth and our own human nature and aim to align our work and play with our best understanding of the well-being of Life itself. We strive to strengthen our knowledge of the ecology of the Pacific Northwest Cascadia Bioregion from the high prairies to the coastal waters, from the forested mountains to the river valleys, and to protect the ecosystems and watersheds, flora and fauna, soil and climate that nourish us and all of Nature. We are working to meet our human needs in ways that also regenerate our local environment.

Essential Practices of Ecology
* Contact * Observation & Response * Whole-Systems Thinking * Resilience * Leaving a Life-Affirming Legacy *

Transformation: We explore and expand the edges of cultural, community and personal transformation.

Engaging the power of play, creativity and the many ways of knowing, we imagine and experiment with new potentials for human culture. We create spaces to practice new forms of self expression, social organization, and our relationship(s) with all Life. By embracing the cycle of curiosity, experimentation and reflection, we seek to support personal and collective evolution. We hold compassion for ourselves and each other as we step into the exploration of our human potential and with it the fear and excitement which often accompanies our research. We are asking big questions, and we accept the humility and uncertainty which arises when we experiment with the edges of social acceptance.

Essential Practices of Transformation
* Curiosity * Discipline * Open-Mindedness * Courage * Trust * Self Knowledge * Integrity *

Transparency: We hold transparency as an ideal, which we strive to embrace fully, with wisdom and grace.

We strive to express and reveal our deep inner experiences with those who have earned our trust, knowing that authenticity and vulnerability are paths towards creating greater intimacy in our lives. We embrace the journey towards self knowledge that empowers us to share our experiences with compassion and in a manner that is aware and considerate of the impact on others. We dare to share our feelings and shadow aspects in ways that create greater connection and positive transformation in our lives, recognizing that we may not be able to control what we feel, but we are responsible for how we choose to respond to these feelings. We value exploring our desires with humility and expressing needs with honesty, guided by our desire to be seen, felt and understood by our community of peers. When collaborating closely with others, we strive to maintain transparency in areas of mutual impact, including authority, economics and sexuality.

Essential Practices of Transparency:
* Love * Self Awareness * Personal Reflection * Authenticity * Mutual Trust * Integrity * Reciprocity * Compassion * Vulnerability *

Spirituality: We support and encourage spiritual sovereignty.

We hold the following concepts as vital parts of the New Culture we are creating: awareness of our inner world; expression of our subtle sensing capabilities; and our ability to foresee, choose, and sometimes create future paths. We value our capacity to imagine, to envision, and to be influenced by beings, places and ideas that we perceive with our imaginations. We value the ability to hear, recognize, and honor wisdom and truth. We value and seek to expand our capacity to hear, recognize, honor, speak and act on wisdom and truth, and we seek to discover new paths towards peace and grace, which reside within our beings and our psychic and material ecologies. We explore, both individually and collectively our capacities to transform, to shape, to energize and to revitalize our physical body and the material world.

Essential Practices of Spirituality
* Inner Truth * Connection to all * Grace * Personal Reflection * Self Awareness * Self as Whole *