Registration for Summer Camp Cascadia 2016 is now open!

Registration for Fall MiniCamp Cascadia 2015 is now open!

Registration for Fall MiniCamp Cascadia 2015 opens August 1.

Registration for Summer Camp Cascadia 2016 opens March 1.

Step 1 – register here:   Go Register Now (opens Google form in a new window).

Step 2 – pay here: $ (opens PayPal in a new window)
Step 2 – enter amount and pay here:   (opens PayPal in a new window)


Fall MiniCamp Cascadia includes three days of programming, tent camping, and all meals each day. The basic cost is $150.
(Summer Camp Cascadia includes nine days of programming, tent camping, and all meals each day. The basic cost is $550. Registration opens March 1, 2016.)
Meat Option: Our meals are mainly vegetarian, but for an extra $10 at MiniCamp or $30 at Summer Camp, we can offer additional animal protein (principally chicken or fish) with lunch and/or dinner.

registrationFor Fall MiniCamp, we request payment in full. For Summer Camp, we prefer full payment when you register, but, if necessary, you may pay your fee in two parts: half when you register, and the other half a month prior to camp. We must receive your payment to reserve your space and have an accurate count of campers for shopping and planning. Camp preparations are already underway, and timely payment helps assure we can meet our expenses as they arise.
While we have a specific fee for our camp, we recognize that paying this fee is easy for some and requires extensive amounts of work or is just not possible for others. We want to create Fair Energetic Exchange, so if paying is relatively easy for you, please seriously consider contributing to our scholarship fund. To make a contribution, simply add your best donation amount to the fee amount ($550 for Summer or $150 for Fall) and send it via PayPal. Thank you very much.

If you require a scholarship, please let us know when you register. Typical Summer scholarships are $100 off the regular fee, and we can offer some small scholarships for Fall MiniCamp. Our scholarships are partial and will be awarded on a rolling basis as funds are received. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship then select “Scholarship needed” on the Fees page of the online registration form. Please also send your Scholarship requests to <>.

More Info

dome_socialYou must be over 18. We are not providing a children’s or youth camp program at this time. However, young people who are age 17 or 18 years old may apply (with parental consent). A parent or adult designee must also attend camp. Young people are encouraged to participate in all programming which does not have adult content.

IMPORTANT: You must present a valid ID and sign the waiver when checking in. If you do not have valid ID at check-in, we can’t admit you to Camp, even if you already registered and paid. Really. Please come prepared!

Questions? We can be reached at <>.

Energy Independence

There’s one more thing we’d like you to do. Please support our host – and the energy future of our planet – by becoming a True Fan of Windward’s groundbreaking Biomass to Methanol project (opens in a new window). Windward is developing a very viable alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels, but needs a bit of help from us.