New Culture Cascadia

Registration for NCNW Summer Camp Cascadia 2017 is OPEN!

Registration for Fall MiniCamp Cascadia 2017 is now open!

Registration for Fall MiniCamp Cascadia 2017 opens August 1.

Registration for Summer Camp Cascadia 2018 opens March 1.

Step 1 – register Go Register Now (opens Google form in a new window).

(You must be over 18.)

Step 2 – pay

The basic cost of Fall Mini-Camp Cascadia includes three days of programming, tent camping, and all meals each day, for $175. Register by August 15 to get early bird discount of $25 off. New campers are entitled to a $50 discount. These can be combined for $75 off. Summer Camp Cascadia includes eight days of programming, tent camping, and all meals each day. Until April 15, the Early Bird registration for first time Camp at Windward is $350, and registration for returning campers is $400. After April 15, Registration for first time campers is $400, and returning to Windward Summer Campers is $550.

Our preferred method of payment is now clearXchange, and saves us 3% (the entire fee charged by PayPal). Click the link for more information. If your bank is BofA, Capital One, Chase, FirstBank, Frost, U.S. Bank, or Wells Fargo then you may go to your bank and send us your payment. If your bank is not on this list, clearXchange will set up an account for you. Thereafter, you will be able to send money to anyone using either their phone number or their email.address. Please use clearXchange if you can.

If you cannot (or do not wish to) use clearXchange then our second choice is PayPal $ (opens PayPal in a new window)

Regardless of which method you choose, 1) make the payee <>, and 2) in the message field, tell us who you are, or who you are paying for. This gets us the payment and tells us who to credit.

Through April 15 April 16 and beyond
First-time Campers $350 $400
Returning Campers $400 $550

Meat Option: Our meals are mainly vegetarian, but for an extra $10 at MiniCamp$30 at Summer Camp, we can offer additional animal protein (principally chicken or fish) with lunch and/or dinner.

What happens next?

We’ll send you a confirmation email once we receive notification that you’ve registered and/or paid. PLEASE be patient—this part isn’t automated, meaning it moves at the speed of humans, not data. If everything goes as well as it might, you could get confirmation within a few minutes. But, it could take a couple of days. If you don’t receive confirmation within two or three days, then please do send us a message at <>.

Questions? Email <>. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Energy Independence

There is one more thing we’d like you to do. Please support our host – and the energy future of our planet – by becoming a True Fan of Windward’s groundbreaking Biomass to Methanol project (opens in a new window). Windward is developing a very viable alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels, but needs a bit of help from us.