Registration for NCNW MiniCamp Cascadia 2016 is closed.

Step 1 – register here:   Go Register Now (opens Google form in a new window).

It gathers your contact information and lets you calculate your camp fee.  This year’s fee is $175.  Scholarships and discounts are available and explained on the form.  Once submitted, you’re ready for Step 2.

Step 2 – pay here:  $  (opens PayPal in a new window.)

Pay the fee you just calculated.

What happens next?
We’ll send you a confirmation email once we receive notification that you’ve registered and/or paid.  PLEASE be patient — this part isn’t automated, meaning it moves at the speed of humans, not data. If everything goes as well as it might, you could get confirmation within a few minutes.  But – it could take a couple of days.  If you don’t receive confirmation within two or three days, then please do send us a message at <>.

 Energy Independence

There’s one more thing we’d like you to do. Please support our host – and the energy future of our planet – by becoming a True Fan of Windward’s groundbreaking Biomass to Methanol project (opens in a new window). Windward is developing a very viable alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels, but needs a bit of help from us.

Questions? Email <>.