New Culture Northwest Cascadia MiniCamp

Thursday September 29 — Sunday October 2, 2016

Camp Details

Location: Windward Intentional Community in Wahkiacus, WA. Windward is dedicated to developing ecological sustainability and practicing love-based living.

Early Departure: Camp can be a powerful experience even if you can’t stay for the entire time. However, you must arrive prior to the opening circle at 8am Friday morning. If you have a pressing need to leave early, we’ll understand and appreciate the time that you can spend with us.dome_social1

All-hands Work Sharing: We ask everyone to contribute a few hours over the course of the camp to help Camp run smoothly. This can include cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, tidying shared spaces, and so on. This is a lovely opportunity to bond more deeply with each other and co-create community. You will have the opportunity to sign up for your shifts at registration, if you haven’t already signed up by email. It’s a great idea to review the program first, so you don’t grab a shift during the presentation you most want to see.

We provide: A large area for tents, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals with a meat option, 2.5 days of programing, experienced international presenters, exciting workshops and fun activities, a community of fascinating and unusual people, and ample free time to connect.

Music: Let’s make music! All music-making is encouraged and appreciated. Bring your instruments and voices. Be the live music you want to hear. Let’s celebrate!

Intense Experiences: Besides being a wonderful escape from some of society’s repressive social constraints, the NCNW Camp can be an intense personal and interpersonal experience. As such, it offers opportunities and challenges to face our own innermost inconsistencies, insecurities, and instabilities, and to encounter and respond to those of others. Be aware that not every situation may be to your liking, and that you are always at choice as to whether to participate or not. Honoring yourself is a wonderful part of camp. Traditionally, many campers practice multiple loving relationships. However, Camp is a place where all relationship choices and orientations are honored equally.

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