New Culture Cascadia MiniCamp 2015

Presenters and Offerings

(Note: presenters will be finalized by the end of July.)

The Evolution of Collaboration

with Melanie Rios

Melanie Rios

This workshop will help you create joyful communities of friends doing meaningful and effective work on behalf of each other and the planet. We will begin by re-enacting old organizational systems – from clans to “might makes right” power structures to bureaucracies to rational organizations to consensus based collectives – exploring what works well and not so well with each of these structures. We will then experience working together in small, interconnected, self-managed, trust-based, whole-person affirming teams with shared purposes that Ferderic Laloux has described in his book Reinventing Organizations. This will be an engaging, interactive day including Playback Theater, role-plays, small group discussions, group practices such as “worldwork”, and a modest amount of whole-group presentation.

Melanie Rios is an urban gardener, musician and intentional community consultant who lives in Portland, Oregon. One of her current passions is creating terra preta soil to sequester carbon, increase garden fertility, and establish a healthy sanitation system. She recently founded the Village Singers, a choir that leads work party volunteers in singing harmony while they create gardens and cob structures. Melanie offers workshops and coaching in sociocracy, social permaculture, conflict resolution, culture shift, composting, and other resiliency-promoting topics.

Identity, Discovery, and Transformation
Expanding Our Understanding of Gender, Inside and Out

with Shanya Luther, M.Div. – Founder and Director of Among Friends

Shanya Luther, M.Div.

Our modern conversation about gender is complicated, confusing, intriguing and inspiring. From heteronormativity and cisgender, to trans- and pan-gender, the vocabulary alone is enough to make your head spin. But at its core, the dialogue is about being able to define oneself, shedding limiting beliefs, being inclusive of all people, and transcending notions of how we ‘should’ act or who we ‘ought’ to love. We’ll spend our time together looking at the wacky world of gender from the personal to the political and sharing tools for reframing gender in our families, communities, and beyond.

Shanya Luther has been studying, writing, speaking, and teaching about emotional intimacy, relationships, and sexuality for more than twelve years. She owns and operates Among Friends in Portland, Oregon; offering social-sexual behavior supports. She also runs a private practice coaching individuals and couples, facilitating events, and offering workshops and classes specializing in body image, vibrant relationships, conscious touch and much more!

Birthing of the Planet Puja

with Celia Waddell

Celia Waddell

Stars, we spiral out. Rocks we gather. Honoring and loving ourselves and each other. Chocolates, roses. Eye gazing. Intentional touch. This puja is for all genders and orientations, honoring the divine in each of us. Because this puja involves lots of group movement, spiraling in and out, shorts or other bottoms are required. If moving about the dome quickly is difficult for you, please see Celia before the puja.

Celia Waddell has been in poly relationships since 1991. She leads numerous events for the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle and lives in Lynnwood. She helps people find their inner vixen and tiger. You can learn more about her work at

Dance Embodied

with Brooklin Kayce

Brooklin Kayce

This is an opportunity for you to redefine ‘play’ for yourself — embracing the innocent to the erotic, clothed to bare — in a safe and sacred space. Through dance we find our connection to personal expression and freedom in our bodies — embracing vulnerability into strength and acceptance and fun! You are invited to embark on a pilgrimage of self-revelation rooted in action and movement. Reveal passion, power, presence and PLAY!

Brooklin Kayce was born in the destiny year of The Path of Empowerment. Her life journey has been to find her personal power while transforming serious health and personal challenges along the way. Brooklin walks her path in a way that feels accurate to her personally (and encourages you to do the same), taking precious teachings from many sources which include: Spiritual Community, Conscious Language, Brene Brown’s work on shame, Shamanic Dearmoring, Family Constellation work, Clitoral Revelations with Teri Ciacchi, Raw Foods, Vitamins/Minerals/Herbs/Plant Medicine, her own personal artistic creations through Velvet Eyce Artistry, her balanced name through The Kabalarian Society, and DANCE! It is Brooklin’s vision to fully express her human potential on our planet; and in so doing, resonating with others to create profound awakening and healing as we enter/create/transform together into our new planetary consciousness. Join Brooklin twice a month in Seattle at Dance Embodied (Seattle’s only clothing optional ecstatic dance) which she created as her offering to you as a resource for your own personal growth as well as a safe, sacred space to find your ability to express yourself fully. Dance Embodied is a living event and community which transforms with us as we share ourselves verbally and in our dance. Dance as if you are already fully Embodied.   (For more info, see

Hand on Heart

with David Spinney

David Spinney

Hand on Heart is the exercise offered at the beginning and the end of every Human Awareness Institute workshop. It is a heart-opening modified Sufi dance that allows for everyone to have a moment to connect with everyone else, individually and deeply.

David Spinney has been an intern with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) for over 35 years, and leads HAI support groups, HAI community events and HAI introductions. He facilitates such diverse events as the Pachamama Alliance‘s Awakening the Dreamer symposium and Brené Brown‘s Connections Curriculum. He is currently developing a new workshop entitled Embracing Your Dream – It’s Impatiently Expecting You to teach tools for relieving the effects of things that trigger us by getting to the underlying core causes of the triggers, and finding ways to make peace.

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