New Culture Northwest Cascadia Fall MiniCamp 2017

Presenters and Offerings

Tribal Rize
Growing Our Inner and Outer Community

with Marta and Roberto Rodriguez

Roberto RodriguezMarta Rodriguez

Tribal Rize activates our imagination and all of our creative tools to expand our experience of connectedness to our inner and outer worlds. Explore and give expression to your inner “community of selves” as well as to the community of unseen beings around you . Come play with movement, dance, music, theater games, and interactive exercises We will go on a journey to engage with several archetypal characters of our inner community, discovering what they have to say to us and enlisting their help in co-creating the new worlds we want to inhabit.

Roberto Rodriguez is a formally trained educator, teaching since 1985, with a passion for experiential learning processes. He loves bringing people together for hands-on dynamic interactions, to help them discover new possibilities in themselves and the way they live.
Roberto has a strong interest in creating community and began facilitating intimacy and community-building workshops in 2001. He assists people in integrating body, mind and spirit to express their creative potential, in order to reach greater harmony within themselves and their communities. He has successfully helped many communities to thrive, living more powerfully toward his objective of “deep loving friendship.”

Marta discovered the world of New Culture while attending a permaculture intensive at La’akea community in 2006. She fell in love with intentional communities, the practices of transparency, NVC, and intimacy-building in groups, and relishes in engaging in and sharing these with others. She has been co-leading workshops with Roberto since 2009 and is passionate about relationships, self-responsibility, and empowering others to become agents of change for a healthier and more loving world.

Family Constellations

with Bob Wentworth

Bob Wentworth

Family (or Systemic) Constellations is a powerful modality for surfacing, exploring, and healing deep dynamics in an individual psyche (or in complex systems). It acknowledges the way that our families, and what they have experienced—potentially going back generations—continues to live inside us and affect our experience of the world. It takes advantage of human capacities for deep intuition, sensing subtle energies, channeling unconscious wisdom, and the way that we intuitively represent relationships spatially. This workshop will offer an experience of Family Constellation, to support learning, growth, and transformation.

Bob Wentworth facilitates Family Constellations, teaches Nonviolent Communication (as a Certified Trainer), shares Focusing, trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, has been a leader in organization change, and supports individuals, couples, and groups to transform inner and outer conflict and live together in more satisfying ways. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, and lives on Vashon Island.

Finding Our Voices

with Osprey Huffsmith

Osprey Huffsmith

In modern society, singing is often reserved for performing artists and those who feel comfortable on stage. For most of human history, this was not so. Singing has been an part of daily life for many cultures for thousands of years. Before recorded music, all we had was our bodies, hearts, voices, and creativity to engage with the magic of music and song. Let’s reclaim our birthright to sing and reconnect with each other in community!

Osprey (they/them/theirs) is a genderqueer song leader and music activist. Their song circles allow people to reconnect with the simple, yet powerful practice of making sound together. They write songs that are quirky, authentic, and fun to sing, with lyrics about pressing issues such as consent, gender identity, body image, and our relationship with the planet. Their catchy tunes stay in your head for days, but it’s all good because they hint at answers that are relevant to now. They also lead a band called Osprey Flies The Nest.

Dance and Drum Circle

with Kushad Watson & Carsten Almskaar

Kushad Watson

Around the Fire Dance and Drum Circle – a celebration, awakening our primal senses and tribal connection that is a.deep part of who we are. A musical journey, drumming accompanying as we explore our inner dance as well as the play of masculine and feminine energies under the first quarter moon! At one point, you ‘Can Leave Your Hat On’! (Or not!)
Love, Kushad, Carsten and “the Goddess”

Carsten Almskaar holds a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido, has many years of experience in various forms of dance, and is currently teaching Aikido in Bellingham, Washington. He enjoys sharing his understanding of how present moment body awareness is empowering and life affirming.

Kushad Watson brings passion and joy to workshops on body awareness, consent, and expressing what you want, especially regarding personal relating and sexuality, since 1991. After attending Summer Camp West in 2008, he jumped in as a participant, scamp and sometimes presenter with New Culture NorthWest. As a team player and facilitator, he thrills to the growth and expansion he witnesses in others as he learns along with them. Major influences on his path include Osho, David Deida, 14 years in community in Vancouver, BC, communal living and 26 in loving, open relationship with his primary, Wendy.

Wild Vegetable Fermentation
Hands-on Lab

with Tara Whitsitt

Tara Whitsitt

Fermentation is a testament to the deep intelligence of age-old processes, the wonders of collaboration with nature, and the eagerness of microbial (and human!) communities to thrive. In this workshop, discover the simple tradition of preservation through fermentation in one of its most simple forms: via the the local micro-flora of vegetables. Fermented foods heal our bodies, celebrate tradition, and promote healthy eco-systems. Learn about the cost effective and simple tools involved and go home knowing how to creatively and fearlessly make sauerkraut, cucumber pickles, and much more in this hands-on presentation with Tara of Fermentation on Wheels. The Lab-in-a-Bus will be available during lunch and dinner on Friday.

Tara Whitsitt is an artist and food educator who organizes events nationwide to bridge communities and restore a genuine fascination in local, traditionally-preserved foods. She is also the author of Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Food Ramblings, and 50 Do-It-Yourself Recipes, an illustrated memoir/cookbook following the project that toured the United States for two years, teaching fermentation to and inspiring communities out of a school bus converted into a fermentation lab, library, and workshop space.

Hand on Heart

with David Spinney

David Spinney

Hand on Heart is the exercise offered at the beginning and the end of every Human Awareness Institute workshop. It is a heart-opening modified Sufi dance that allows for everyone to have a moment to connect briefly yet deeply with everyone else, one by one.
David Spinney has been an intern with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) for over 35 years, and leads HAI support groups, HAI community events and HAI introductions. He facilitates such diverse events as the Pachamama Alliance‘s Awakening the Dreamer symposium and Brené Brown‘s Connections Curriculum. He is currently developing a new workshop entitled Embracing Your Dream – It’s Impatiently Expecting You to teach tools for relieving the effects of things that trigger us by getting to the underlying core causes of the triggers, and finding ways to make peace with them.

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